Friday, July 27, 2007

My Library Blogs/Feeds: Week 4 / Thing 9

The library-related blogs I signed up for are: ( The Caffeinated Librarian--very very funny blog!) (the Librarian's Internet Index: New this Week) (Library Google Group)
-- I haven't explored this one a lot, but it seems like a networking place for international librarians). (MD's Merlin) (official blog of the Public Library Association) (the Shifted Librarian)
--I haven't explored this one a lot, but I found a hilarious essay on "Why You Should Fall to Your Knees and Worship a Librarian". ( )
and (the very funny Unshelved library comic strip).
--I discovered this comic about a year ago and I love the characters Mel & Dewey the most.

Merlin & his Feeds: Week 4 / Thing 9

When I explored Merlin I found a lot of interesting links on online training, library blogs, and avatars. I'm definitely going to come back to start using the online training. It's good to know this site exists and is regularly updated.

In addition, I actually created 2 new pictures of myself--one on and another at I'm hoping to post them to this blog soon.
(Note: It seems like the avatar can only be viewed within

Regarding the feed websites--going backwards--I had the most success with because came up with good results for my searches, in particular on politics. I also liked how it had a large paragraph list of topics on the right side for me to click. I found a great video demonstration of how the iPhone works here and learned there were 106 results for iPhone videos.

I think is the worst--none of my search topics even came up with results. I liked how makes you look via your town and then saves your town for next time you open their website. I found a good article in the Washington Post about DC libraries using I know where to go if I want gossip on any place I visit. was okay--it gave basic results for the topics I searched for.