Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Cheaper IPhone: Week 3 / Thing 7

I read a technology article at about Apple creating a cheaper iPhone that would be based on its iPod Nano music player. It may be priced $300 or less. Apple filed a patent July 5 to create a multi-functional device with a scroll-wheel device, like the Nano. Analysts predict that betwen 30-40 million(?) of these devices could be sold. The article also notes that Apple will probably come out with a new iPod soon that has touchscreen features like the iPhone.

When the iPhone came out last month, I really wanted to buy one because I love Macs and it had everything I don't have--a cell phone, camera, web access, iPod, etc. If they launch this cheaper IPhone soon, I think I would buy one.

Sidebar: This article was at at their Little Addictions/Personal Technology page. I liked this site; I'm going to return to it often to learn more about all the gadgets and software I want to have. They even have a RSS for iPhone at this site. Sweet!