Thursday, July 12, 2007

Those Great Habits: Week 1 / Thing 2

I thought the 71/2 Habits tutorial was very interesting. I liked how it discusses that you're responsible for your own learning. And how learning is not just about academics or books, but exploring new things in new ways that may just be for one's own fun and enjoyment. That will be the best way for me to approach this process--if I think of it as exciting and non-stressful.

A New Online Life: Week 2/ Thing 3

I'm glad to start writing about my new online life here at allnewtechie. I've used computers and the web for a long time for basic tasks. But now I can explore, in an organized fashion, the great web technologies I hear about all the time.

With this project, my goal is to explore the web technologies that I read about in the news everyday. The technolgies people use with photos, videos, cell phones, etc. Even if I just scratch the surface of the technologies out there, I want to get an exposure to some of the exciting things I can do on the web. As a lifelong learner, this will be an easy habit for me because I am eager to learn about them.

But I know the hardest habit for me will be to dedicate regularly scheduled time to explore these technologies. I must confess it has taken me four weeks to make this first post. But I plan to dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to exploring the 23 Things and writing for my blog.