Thursday, July 26, 2007

My RSS Adventure: Week 4 / Thing 8

I’ve been working with this RSS exercise for about a week. First I explored a few of the tutorials, then I set up my own account. Then I was off!

I never knew this feature existed, but I can see how it can be useful to many people. If you can get the latest news on special topics sent right away to one website—what a timesaver. The Bloglines site was a little confusing in how one can search for RSSs. But in the end I signed up for about 20 feeds—it was a lot of fun to explore all the topics out there. At least now I’ll know what that little orange/white box means.

I signed up for RSSs on food, news, libraries, money, and technology. I don’t see how libraries as a whole can take advantages of RSS, but definitely individual librarians can use it as a tool to keep updated on issues.