Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Online Apps: Week 8 / Thing 18

I signed up for two of these online office suites--ThinkFree and Zoho. The signup process for each was very simple--but one does need an email address. Zoho has many great programs for free that I would use regularly--word, spreadsheets, planner, and show. It seems a little easier to use than ThinkFree. But I would definitely need publisher--which is only in ThinkFree.

This is an article I found that compared them. It says ThinkFree is the best one.

This kind of Web 2.0 technology is so exciting. This is something students and other library customers could definitely use. Many never have disks, but want to save their documents created in the library. And many people have email attachments but they don't open. If people got in the habit of using these programs, that may not happen as much.

But for really important documents, I would still suggest people make backup copies on a disk drive. Since I'm going to start using these programs myself, I don't have to go out and buy a USB port right away now.

I also found this presentation of funny animals at Zoho Show. It is great! Hit Play under the picture and change the Slide Delay to about 3 seconds. Enjoy!

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