Thursday, August 9, 2007

Library 2.0: Week 6 / Thing 15

The YouTube video "The Machine is Us/ing Us" was awesome! I must watch it again with the sound up.

After reading the "Away from Icebergs" essay, I found a lot of good nuggets to chew on and digest. I do think some parts of a "just-in-case" print collection are unnecessary and it would be good to learn how to steer customers better to our online collections.

After reading the Wikipedia article, this Library 2.0 concept seems to focus on technology/computers, but at least 40 percent of what public librarians work with and of what customers want are books. Plus don't these Library 2.0 proponents think customers care about interacting with people face-to-face? (I don't think most people, especially women, do most of their socializing online; but boys--maybe so.) And what about reading in this Library 2.0 equation? Where's that in their new-fangled ideas?

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