Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Flickr Specials: Week 3 / Thing 6

All the Flickr’s tools are fascinating! Looking at all the tools is unbelievable—you could create special posters, CDs, art, calendars—it’s endless. I’m going to use some of these tools when I want to do something special with a photo.

The Color Pickr was also fascinating. I had to check out photos with my favorite color turquoise; there were a lot of ocean/water photos. I really like this feature—it could be a real stress reliever to browse photos by color.

The Mappr was interesting—although it took a long time for them to load. This feature would be interesting to study if you’re traveling to specific location or taking a road trip via a certain route. It'll whet your appetite about what you might see.

And the Librarian’s Trading Cards—that was fun—I especially liked one librarian’s purple M&M picture and her funny caption. Maybe when I get a photo of myself I'll make a card for myself. I’ll have to think of a really funny caption.

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